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Rose Mania

NEWS!! Two First Prizes and other honors went to eight of my rose photographs at the American Rose Society's National convention this fall!! It was thrilling. You can find two of my rose photos on the 2013 ARS calendar!!
Last year from hundreds of entries, my rose photo was honored in a national photography contest from the American Rose Society with an Honorable Mention. This is the #1 rose journal in America!!

A meaningful Easter gift for rose lovers & yourself!: "ROSES IN PORTRAITURE" has many different roses in much higher resolution than shown here. Click on the cover image to buy at a new, lower price.

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Scroll down to see my very special December Rose Photo of the Month!! Scroll down to click free DOWNLOAD icons for rose information, and for my poems all about roses.

Black spot warning! Black spot fungus season is now in full swing! Use an organic spray (Neem Oil) to protect your roses. Black spot needs water to grow. Scroll down & go to my Rose Weather Station to check temps & rain in your zip code to protect roses!

ROSE TIPS: It's time to select your container roses!! Learn the correct pruning cut! CLICK here

"Bare-Root to Blooms!" folks: CLICK here to see my sketches of correct pruning cuts, & a bare-root rose planting diagram. Remember: all text, downloads & photos on this site are copyright with no exceptions. Email me for permissions.

ROSE WEATHER STATION. Click the icon to get your area weather forcast. You will leave this site. Wind and winter freeze in most areas!!

Judith's Rose Photo of the Month

Secrets Out, December ©2012 Judith Cody
Peace, August ©2011 Judith Cody
Moondance, June ©2011 Judith Cody
JUST JOEY, June ©2009 Judith Cody
MEMORIAL DAY, May ©2009 Judith Cody

Past Roses of the Month

TOURNAMENT OF ROSES, April ©2009 Judith Cody
SAINT PATRICK, March ©2009 Judith Cody
JUST JOEY, February, ©2009 Judith Cody
MOONDANCE, January ©2009 Judith Cody
TOUCH OF CLASS, December ©2008 Judith Cody
PRISTINE, November ©2008 Judith Cody
MISTER LINCOLN, October ©2008 Judith Cody
SUNSPRITE,September ©2008 Judith Cody
OLYMPIAD,July ©2008 Judith Cody
DUET, June, ©2008 Judith Cody
RAINBOW SORBET, May ©2008 Judith Cody
FRENCH LACE, March ©2008 Judith Cody
DON JUAN, February  ©2008 Judith Cody
PRISTINE, January ©2008 Judith Cody
ANGEL FACE, November ©2007 Judith Cody
CAMILLE PISSARRO, October ©2007 Judith Cody
MR. LINCOLN, September ©2007 Judith Cody
OREGOLD, August ©2007 Judith Cody
LAVENDER SIMPLICITY WITH BUG, June ©2007-2010 Judith Cody

Rose workshop diagrams